Rogue the bat anal

Kicking, jewel-loving bat from Sonic the hedgehog first apperance Sonic Adeventure 2. Rouge The Bat: A sly, theiving, and sexy voiced bat character from the Sonic the hadgehog. Aero sexual Rouges apperinces are in sonic x, Sonic Heroes SA2 and most other games but not Mario and sonic go to the olmypic games. But she has a crush on Knuckles the echidna and he does to but is to shy to admit it. Loves Knuckles.


When ever knuckles and Rouge are together they no they like each other but break into fights.

Hung furry Sonic drills Rouge the bat doggy style

Normal Man: Peanut dog Loves Knuckles. Gliding seems like an appropriate ability for Rouge the Bat.


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